Alexandru Salceanu is a Romanian-American interdisciplinary artist. His artistic concerns revolve around micro and macro tensions: narratives of power and vulnerability; fear and resilience; cultural identity and the homogeneity of globalism.  These themes arise from reconciling his cultural identity as someone born in Communist Romania. Assimilating into other cultures after the 1989 revolution keenly influence his approach to the world, driving him to layer historical and aesthetic references. Juxtaposing the dissonance of political and economic theory and the intimacy of lived experience, he stitches historical facts and personal accounts together through a variety of media—photography, video, projection mapping, painting, social practice, and mixed media. Through his work, he seeks art’s transformative power to humanize issues, challenge perspectives and encourage a more personal encounter.


Alexandru Salceanu received his BFA in 2004 from the University of San Diego in San Diego, California and his MFA in 2021 from Mills College in Oakland, California. In 2020, during his graduate studies, he was awarded a Cadogan Scholarship by the San Francisco Foundation. In 2021 he was awarded the parent artist residency at Kala Art Institute. He participated in group exhibitions at Mills College, SOMArts, The Citadel, University of San Francisco, Kaleid Gallery, City of Brea Art Gallery, University of San Diego, and the Art Academy of San Diego.